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The rules we use

Rules for a DresdenVerse game in the World of Darkness

Our current and past successes and failures

The beginning

Our PC’s

Kevin (the Jedi Knight)
Miles O’Brien
Vincent DeSanto
Jasmin Zamudio

Our NPC’s (Mentors, Retainers, Contacts and Allies)

Aunt Gladys
Cousin Stacy
Kevin’s Mom
Pei Mei
Enrique Sanchez
Pastor Gutierrez
Charlie Daniels, the half Centaur (Fey Blooded human)
S.F. University Students and occult enthusiasts
S.F.P.D. (both beat cops and investigators)
FBI field officers (through Miles’s consulting business)
S.F. underground (through Vinnies’ car shop contacts)
Centaurs & other low level Summer and Wild fey (through Vinnie’s friendship with Chuck D.)

Main Page

The DresdenVerse Haster