Vincent "Vinny" DeSanto

Philly sports fan who's heroes include the OC Chopper guys, Vince Papale, Rocky, and strangely Leonardo DaVinci


Vinnie would be the skirmisher of the group. He’s strong, but if he doens’t knock the bad guy out quick, or get out of the way, he’s most likely going down.

  • Mental: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4
  • Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
  • Social: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 5
Skills (specialties)
  • Mental: Academics 1, Crafts (Spray Paint) 3, Investigation 2, Occult (Spirits, Vampires, Denarians) 3, Science (Physics, Chemistry) 3
  • Physical: Athletics 2 (Running, Archery), Brawl (knuckles) 5, Drive 3, Firearms 1, Stealth 2, Survival (never never) 3, Weaponry 1
  • Social: Animal Ken 2, Empathy 2, Expression 1, Persuasion 2, Socialize (gather information) 2, Streetwise 4, Subterfuge 1

Merits Resources 2, Boxing 3, Tower 3, Retainer (Enrique Sanchez – Mechanic) 3, Contacts (Ricers) 1, Direction Sense 1, Kung Fu 1, Iron Stamina 2, Grappling 2, Ground and Pound 3, Contacts (UCSF Occult PHds) 1, Status (FBI Consultant) 1, Languages (Latin, Arabic, Spanish) 1 each, Ally (Father G) 1, Ally (Charlie Daniels) 3, Status (Summer Court Centaurs) 1, Krav Maga 1, Retainer (Ish, Water Spirit) 2, Hedge Beast (Dog-Bruciato) 3, Ally (Sanya) 1

Magic – 83 Energy Enchantment 2, Evocation 3, Auras 3 (Portals 3), Thaumaturgy 2, Blood Magic 3, Transmutation 3

Rotes: - Battle Awareness (aura) – Activating this aura allows Vinny to keep some defenses up when he is using some of his fighting techniques like one-two punch, all out attacks, and charging.

- Never Jaunt (aura) – A specialized form of portal magic allowing quick movement through the never-never even in intense battle situations. It can also be used as a reaction to avoid damage by quickly escaping into the never never.

Health 9, Willpower 9 Size 5, Init 12, Speed 12, Morality 7

  • Melee 7, 8 vs. Brawl
  • Guns 4
  • Magic 6, 8 vs. Mental

Noteworthy Magic Items Quicksilver Rings – +1, 9 again, bane (at the beginning of a combat, the knuckles sense the presence of the most powerful supernatural threat, roll for enchantment and burn 3 energy. The weapon now does an additional +1 and becomes lethal to that enemy type: ghouls, vampires, spirits, demons, etc. Does not function on humans). With his burgeoning powers of transmutation, Vinnie created a set of that meld together or separate with a thought.

Eagles Hoodie – This was a signed sweatshirt from Mr. Invincible himself, Vince Papale. Vinny’s enchanted it for more utilitarian purposes. It cleans and dries itself on command, can change it’s design significantly (colors, logo, size to an extent).

Dragonscale – The most advanced bulletproof vests currently issued by the White Council, Vinny enchanted it for extra protection.

Eagles Snowcap – This bandana has been enchanted to give Vinny a little extra mental fortitude

Amber Ring of Summer Flame – A focus of his evocation and auras that gives a +2 to earth and fire magic.

Water Filled Cell Phone – Way of contacting Ish


Vinnie DeSanto was born and raised in central Philly by his grandmother mostly while his dad worked two jobs to keep them all fed. His grandmother was Leonardo DaVinci fanatic, collecting anything she could find about the renaissance artist. In turn, Vinnie learned to appreciate him too. Unfortunately, Vinnie didn’t grow up in the best part of Philly, and being small, got picked on a lot.

It gave him a bit of discipline, but he was always fascinated by his dad’s day job – a mechanic at the South Street Garage. He’d visit his dad often, but for some reason the cars would never work when Vinnie was around. So his dad would often stick him by the spray paints where he couldn’t get into to trouble. He made quick friends with Paulie, resident painter and he honed his art with the sprayer. He worked there for several years until his dad died of stroke when he was 19. His grandmother passed shortly after that, and surprisingly left Vinnie with an estate out in San Francisco. Apparently she had some ties at North Beach. Having nothing left for him in Philly, he hopped a bus from coast to coast to find this place. It turned out to be an old rundown building in San Francisco where 101 hits 80. It had a couple stories, a decent garage, and it turns out, a lot of his grandfather’s old stuff – including a large library of detailed DaVinci schematics as well as his apparent connection to the occult. He even started working on a spring and rubber band based car, although the constant winding makes it impractical.

Reading through it all, he was able master a bit of magic, although it was a little quick and dirty. He managed also to convert the garage into a body/detailing shop and made a good rapport with the local asian racing crews despite his propensity for racial slurs. They even taught him a few fighting techniques.

I guess the dabbling into enchanting random things around the garage got the attention of the White Council, so after a quick and dirty 3 month training, he got stuck with a hippie that thinks he’s a Jedi, an SFFD reject, and a grizzled bitter old PI with a really hot “personal assistant” to investigate necromantic activities.

Vincent "Vinny" DeSanto

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