Charlie Daniels

Horse rancher, Whiskey drinker, but generally a good guy


He knows how to fight, he knows who his friends are. He knows his way around the Faerie Courts.


Charlie Daniels, or as his close friend Vinny DeSanto likes to call him “Chuck D” was born of a human mother, but was fathered by a centaur… you go ahead and make hung like whatever jokes, but he’ll suit up and kick your ass to next Wednesday if he has to. He’d not young, but not quite old enough that the call of Faerie Courts has lured him over to the other side yet. He owns a massive amount of land in Marin county north of Stinson beach near Point Reyes. Here along with some hands, he raises and breeds horses.

Although he has an affinity for horses, they don’t talk much and his barely passable Spanish keeps him from making good friends with his ranch hands so when a city slicker from San Francisco showed up on his door step saying that he’s cashing in a favor from “Puck” he was more than happy to let Vinny in. All he asked was that Vinny drive by every now and then and split a fifth of anything and a story or two. Apparently, Vinny had more than a story or two. In return, Charlie showed Vinny around the land Faerie, and the kid seemed to have a knack for navigating its little shortcuts.

Now Charlie looks at Vinny more as a friend and confidant instead of just someone he owed a favor to.

Charlie Daniels

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