Kevin (the Jedi Knight)

A slightly unkempt 30+ hippy that lives with his mom, Kevin thinks he's a Jedi.


Kevin is primarily the “tank” of the party, focusing on offense/defense powers and abilities. He’s certainly not the “face” or “investigator” character.


Morality (7), Virtue = Hope, Vice = Envy

Magic: Gnosis (5) Resources (2) Tower (5) Aura (4) Evocation (2) Enchantment (3) Alchemy (2) Thaumaturgy (1) Soul Magic (5)

Associates: Santa Cruz townies (allies 2) Master pai Mei (mentor 2) Cousin Stacy (retainer 3) FBI consultant (status 1) Chinese / non-trad medicine/SF (contacts 1) SF/Bay area charities (status 1)

Key Skills: Craft (4, focus in potions and enchantments) streetwise (3, focus in “drugs”) science (3, botany focus) medicine (2, focus in herbal treatments) Holistic Medicine Merit Persuaion 3 Empathy 3 Expression 3

Weaponry 5 (focus lightsaber), Fencing Fighting Style 4 (Finesse, Quick Draw)

Kevin was mostly raised by his mom, living at home most of his life (there was that brief time at Berkley – not a fun time for Kevin). At a young age he became a huge star wars fan – and has filled his mom’s basement with various Star Wars toys and collectibles over the years.

Kevin has always had a knack for “magic”, being a little more resilient than others and good at fixing things. This came in handy when he got bullied a lot in school. As an undergraduate, he was very interested in non-traditional medicine, herbology, horticulture, and the like. He also became and avid user of “natural” drugs (marijuana, mushrooms) and knew how to find/grow them. For some reason computers and “sciency” things just didn’t work around him, especially when he got angry. By the time he graduated college (UC santa cruz), he was brought into the wizard world and explained the “facts of life” as it were (or as it related to magic).

In his mid 20’s, Kevin entered UC Berkley’s graduate program for botany (plants/biology) with focus on non-traditional medicine. He wrote several well-received papers and by the end of the program had signed a few (lot paying) book deals to write for some new-age publishers.

At this time, Kevin’s magic had matured enough that he had serious trouble around high technology. In fact, Kevin was so excited while seeing The Phantom Menace, the projector in the studio blew up about five minutes into the movie (right before Jar Jar Binks came on-screen). Kevin read the comic/novelization of Ep 1,2, and 3 though. To this day, Kevin doesn’t understand the big deal about Jar-Jar…

In his early thirties and still living with his mother, Kevin began focusing more on magic – which to him was just “The Force” come to reality. Kevin uses magic like a Jedi would use the Force. He began taking Fencing classes and making himself a “real” lightsaber. Years later, his obsession with becoming a serious/legitimate “Jedi” would lead to him being pulled in as a Warden for the White Council.

As his training as a Warden progressed, it only reinforced Kevin’s obsession with Star Wars, the Force, and the Jedi Code. In his mind, his duty as a Warden is identical to that of a Jedi – as are his magical abilities. To make matters worse, Kevin DID become and excellent swordsman – an important fact considering many Wardens wield ceremonial swords. Kevin Enchanted his own “lightsaber” build around the frame of an excellent Wakizashi. He also had his mom sew up some authentic “Jedi Robes” for him to constantly wear, and enchanted them as well (later, the robes would have Kevlar underneath).

Kevin still (in his late thirties) lives at home with his mom. A few years ago, his Aunt Gladys moved in – making the home feel more like a busy family dwelling. Two years ago, his cousin Stacy moved in while attending UC Santa Cruz. Kevin mostly lives and works in the basement – and is the Handyman in a house full of women. He’s helped remodel most of the home, making it more accomodating to his family members, as well as adding a few “security measures” (a panic room, bulletproof glass windows, steel panels in some interior walls, metal doors). The most notable measure are two enchanted statues (carrying with them the spirit of Chewbacca) in the front lawn. These came in especially handy during the recent Red Court vampire assault on the house (the two Wookies killed a dozen vampires and a wizard – not a single enemy made it to the front porch).

Seeing the plight and danger around him, Kevin has recently spent a lot of time helping out with many bay area charities – specifically those for run-away kids and homes for battered women. Kevin uses his skills in construction to help them find/build/repair homes and apartments to live in.

After the assualt on the White Court enclave in Italy, Kevin adopted the baby girl the vampires had intended to sacrifice to a demon. Kevin named her Mathilda in honor of the Filipino girl killed in the attempt to free Warden Ramirez. Kevin and his family are raising the child, who may have magical potential of her own. Kevin asked Vinnie and Miles to be her godfathers.

After the events of the “dancing the black spiral”, Kevin has dedicated more time to findind fledgling wizards and educating them on the Seven Laws, and is working on creating a school or educational network to help them learn to use their powers wisely. Kevin hopes that he can coach Maneesh and his cousins into becoming a powerful force for good in the area.

Kevin (the Jedi Knight)

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