Cousin Stacy

Think Anne Hathaway in the princess diaries (at the beginning, when she's a not at her best looking).


Stacy is a 3 (three) dot retainer. As general thanks for helping put together her room/place to stay in the house, she helps Kevin out with his writing (since Kevin really can’t use a computer due to his magic).

Stacy’s skills are what would be expected of an intelligent 2nd year college student: knowledgeable of science, history, academics – as well as computers and politics. Her social skills are slowly developing as she meets lots of new people and other young people with similar interests.

Since the attack on the house, she has taken an serious interest in self-defense; both as a young woman in college and as the relative of a white-council warden at war with the vampire world. She now has some skills in self defense and using a handgun – as well as exercising more regularly to stay alert and in-shape.


Stacy is Kevin’s Cousin, daughter of his mom’s brother who lives in the midwest. Stacy was looking for a good liberal college to goto on the west coast (“far from those mindless zombies in the midwest”), and Berkley was too conservative for her.

Now in her second year at UC Santa Cruz, stacy is specializing in native american history, and the history of cultures and races on the west coast (and their plight under American imperialism/expansion). She’s a good student, tends to be a little anti-social, and very much anti-establishment.

She lives in Kevin’s mom’s house with Kevin, his mom, and Aunt Gladys. Kevin fixed up one of the old bedrooms for her with his handyman skills, so she’d have a nice room and bathroom of her own (as well as an external staircase to get in and out if she wants to). She and Kevin get along pretty well.

Since the attack on the house by the red court, she’s become decidely more militant – and protective of herself and others. Stacy has taken up some training in firearms and has acquired a (licensed) handgun. Kevin knows about the gun, but his mom and Gladys don’t – he’s trying to get Stacy to come clean about it.

Cousin Stacy

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