The DresdenVerse

Intro: What Heppened in Peoria?

Peoria Warden Memphis Sanya

Game Date: February 5th, 2010

The whole team is up at Father Gutierrez’ for a pretty standard de-brief. A local kid (about 14) has shown some talent and his parents freaked (thought he was possessed) and (long story short) he ended up with Father Gutierrez and you guys for a quick education on the seven laws, and what he can expect from life. You guys get a case like this about every 3-9 months, though usually it’s you stumbling on an older person just trying to work their first spells. Someone could choose to take the kid as an apprentice if they want.

During the meeting, Father Gutierrez gets a call from Sanyo. He’s in town (or rather in oakland) planning on getting on a ship headed to Asia for a job there. For various reasons, the ship-out date got delayed a few days and he asked if the father wouldn’t mind him staying with him during the interim. So he shows up an hour later, you guys have a friendly chat, and he drops the following information:

While in Peoria, IL (about a week ago) he was changing trains and ran into another Warden by the name of Robert Clauson. He had remembered the warden from the assault on the white court base in Italy, and they chatted for a few hours until Sanjo got on his connecting train. This is incredibly wierd, since Robert is reported dead/murdered in Memphis, TN about six weeks ago.

Sanyo remembers some details of their conversation. Robert was investigating a “gang” of red court vampires involved in various illegal enterprises in Memphis. He believed that they had a strong connection to some other organized crime (possibly an employer) in Peoria – he didn’t know if the criminals in Peoria were supernatural or mundane, but was “looking into it” when he ran into Sanyo.

White Council investigation reported that Robert died of multiple GSW, in what is believed to be a gang-land killing. Local Memphis PD attributed it to either a “wrong place / wrong time” or a “nosy P.I.”. No arrests have been made. The White Council does not thing it was Red Court related, though it’s possible they put out the hit (though highly unlikely).

Miles remembers Robert from multiple Warden training, etc. Mostly this is because they have a lot in common. Robert was very cop-ish in his demeanor and style, so they frequently talked during council meetings. Miles’ recollection is he was a good cop/warden, though possibly not as powerful as your group (and definitely operated by himself).

For various personal reasons, Kevin will not be joining you on this trip. His mom was in a semi-serious car accident and broke her hip and bruised a few ribs. He needs to stay local to help care for her (and watch the baby, since she won’t be able to). Of course, he says “May the Force be with you”.

It’s trivial to use the never-never to travel to either Peoria or Memphis, and if Chip wants, his new 1941 Ford is waiting for him in Memphis.



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