The DresdenVerse

California Winter (part 2)

Scene 4: Wizards are from Mars, Changelings are from Venus (5/5xp)

With the information from Faumnach, Miles and Kevin decided to pose as professors and have dinner at Venus while Jasmin sat outside Peet’s to keep an eye on the exterior. Prof. Hyneman came in with a gorgeous young blonde, but upon seeing his fellow wizards gave them more information about the book. It turned out that if authentic was a relatively comprehensive tracking of the exploits of a pair of Knights of the Cross as well as detailed weaknesses. Some time during dinner, Miles noticed Twiz bussing tables in the back of the restaurant. Kevin went outside tell Jasmin to cut him off, while he and Miles chased him out of the Kitchen. The chase was on, but Jasmin managed trap Twiz in a sphere of antigravity. He was mostly cooperative and the team even got a sample of blood from him in which to track his dad.

Scene 5: Into the Fae (8/8xp)

The team merged the blood with a compass to form a simple tracking spell which eventually led them to Eucalyptus grove on the Berkeley campus. Immediately upon entering, the team knew an ambush was imminent, they drew their weapons and readied an attack. Kevin focused his energy into offense while Miles brandished a second gun and hid in the trees. With Kevin and Jasmin exposed, 3 Faerie snipers let loose a barrage of arrows, injuring Kevin heavily. Vinnie was surprised by a brutish looking hobgoblin and thrown to the ground. Meanwhile a giant ogre wielding a spear jumped out of the nearby river and thrust at Kevin. Jasmin veiled herself previously from the arrow attack and concentrated on keeping the veil up.

After re-grouping, Kevin swung his lightsaber into the great ogre and dropped him in a single blow. Miles rolled onto his back an landed two heavy shots into the hobgoblin’s heart and he dropped as well. The Faerie snipers meanwhile let loose one more volley at Kevin, nearly killing him before bounding off in the direction the tracking spell was leading the team.

After the team went out of fairy for some healing, they jumped right back in onto the trail of their quarry but were finally stopped by a dryad that offered them passage and escort, but at too great a price so they headed back to the real world and found themselves… in Orinda?

They needed a ride and since Kevin wouldn’t let Miles steal a car, Kevin called cousin Stacy for a network hookup. It turns out the closest network hook up was Stan Nedermeyer. It turns out the techniques the network had been teaching him has given him a bit of peace.

The needle was pointing west, but it eventually started spinning again, Miles stayed up until sunrise to see if the tracking spell would ping again, but found nothing.

Scene 6: Truckee? Truck you! (3/3xp)

It was easy enough finding Haley Silver’s office and after announcing their presence as White Council members, Haley’s admin directed them to Squaw Valley where Haley was overseeing the logistics of a gala to honor the recent medalists.

The wizards got straight to the point, and Haley was a bit evasive – almost getting a knife pulled on her by Jasmin. However, it turned out that Haley recognized Jasmin – and proceeded to make fun of her. However, they were able to get out of Haley that a) the book holder may be in danger; b) the one seeking the book is a professor named Andy Lachey in one of the bigger universities in the bay; and c) his truename is Anderondineshae. Haley then told them she could not help them any further and instructed them to seek Baroness Tashia themselves.

Scene 7: Cold as Baroness’s Teat (2/2xp)

With Jasmin’s influence, they group easily got audience during the apparent downtime of the Winter Court. Tashia seemed to be in an impatient mood and got right the point of what she needed. She would trade information if they promised to dispose of the enemies of the winter court operating in the bay area. After they agreed… to the best of their abilities – she provided them with a token from Anderondieshae and could now put together a solid summons.

18 normal xp 18 wizard xp



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