The DresdenVerse!

A Modified World of Darkness game designed to allow play in the reality of the Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher.

We took the World of Darkness rules, modified them to our needs and set about the business of role playing.

The PC’s are a group of young but talented wardens of the White Council of Wizards in the San Fransico Bay Area (and semi-local area) who have been tasked with keeping the peace within the magical and fey community (as it pertains to mortals). Over the last 5 years, the young Wizards have gone through many trials, proving there mettle time again, both in there territory and abroad. They have grown in status and respect in the eyes of there superiors, but also in infamy in the eyes of there enemies!

Now, the war with the Red Court of Vampires has surged anew, with coordinated attacks against major Warden groups through out the US and Europe…

This is our WIKI.

The DresdenVerse

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